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Mission Statement

We strive to create and preserve your financial resources through ethical and practical life solutions.

Guiding Principles

  1. Our common welfare should come first. This depends upon unity of purpose, respect for each other, and each of us meeting our respective responsibilities for an effective working relationship.
  2. While we have worldly rules and regulations we must follow (FINRA, SEC, IRS, etc.), we should remember God in all we do. God is the owner and we are but managers of the talents and gifts that He has given to us.
  3. Our primary requirement for taking on new clients is their willingness to work with us in a professional, courteous manner. Examples of this include: willingness to meet with us on a scheduled basis, provide requested information, complete forms, and return our phone calls. We expect our clients to require the same of us.
  4. We are independent financial advisers, working through Woodbury Financial Services as our Broker/Dealer. We handle all types of financial services (investments and insurance) and refer our clients to appropriate professionals for services we do not provide.
  5. We have but one purpose - to help our clients as stated in our mission statement.
  6. We work with a number of financial management firms. Our recommendations are based on our client’s particular needs, attitudes toward risk, and time frames. We recommend products and services that we think best fit the client. Products change frequently, principles do not.
  7. We are compensated for our advice and expertise based on transaction commissions, fees for services provided, and/or a combination of both determined by the client’s needs and resources, our time and expertise.
  8. We constantly continue our education to increase our awareness of the changing financial services environment so that we can best serve our clients’ needs.
  9. Our internal organization is continually changing to make sure we can service our clients’ needs efficiently and effectively.
  10. Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion. We conduct educational seminars and schedule speaking engagements with our clients and their contacts. We seek introductions from our clients.